Friday, November 20, 2015

Mistake.Learn.Grow #6

I was pretty disorganized at the start of this year. I was having trouble keeping track of the blogs, all the work, and important dates. I forgot several assignments and important due dates for things like the book critique and astronomy project.

Although this school has helped me be more organized by having a smaller and easier to use planner, and by making sure to remind us of certain important dates.

I feel like I'll be able to be more organized in the future because of how important organization is at this school. I forget things sometimes, which makes me start using my planner, which allows me to remember my assignments easier.

Mistake.Learn.Grow #5

This week I made a mistake when I was working on the #14 assignment. While working on it, I thought that we only had to put down the formula for the equation. But it turns out that we were supposed to fit our equation into the formula for use on #15.

Although while working on #15, I saw that we had to use our equation from #14 on the last answer, which was when I saw that I didn't fit my equation into the formula. I went back and put the equation to fit the formula, and I was able to finish #15.

This has shown me that I should always double check a problem to see if I did it correctly or if I made a mistake and forgot something.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mistake.Learn.Grow #4

The mistakes I made this week were around my astronomy project. Me and my partners came up with an idea that we could use balloons to do scale models of all the planets and the sun. What we didn't think of at first though is how are we going to get a balloon big enough to be the sun. If we scaled down the sun small enough, then some of the other planets would be way too small. We decided that we should do some other project, like a visual presentation. We learned that the balloons wouldn't have worked because a big balloon for the sun would be too expensive, and we grew off of that by starting to think more in depth of project ideas.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mistake.Learn.Grow #3

This week we were trying to refresh on mean, median and mode. We tried this by using mean, median and mode on a poll we did of the class in the fishbowl. The biggest mistake I made was when I was using Google Spreadsheet and I had no idea how to easily calculate mean, median and mode with it. Just from asking around I could easily figure out how to calculate with Google Spreadsheet easily, and now I have Spreadsheet as a good source for figuring out these things.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mistake.Learn.Grow #2

    This week we did a project involving emojis. We had to make an emoji, and two math problems relating to that emoji. I was the number cruncher, so I was the one who had to make the math problems. I had trouble coming up with problems and made mistakes trying to make one, such as not making a pattern, which I was supposed to do. I made several attempts trying to come up with a problem that was relevant to the goal, which was making a problem that had a pattern to it.  But I learned different ways on how to make problems with patterns, which can probably be better for later in math.


      This was our first week of school, so we were probably going to make a lot of mistakes about people's names or about the school itself. We did an activity on trying to remember people's names, which was writing down all the names of the people in the class we knew, and then tallying the people who's name we didn't know. I made a lot of mistakes when it came to trying to learn people's names, as I never really bothered to learn what other people's names are. I still don't know many people's names. But I know that if I try to learn people's names by writing down which names I vaguely remember and trying to memorize those, I can keep those names engrained in my mind and be able to learn other people's names quicker, as there are less names to know. Although after talking to people, reading and writing their names down several times I've grown to know a lot of students' names.